Glen Oaks Salutes Our Veterans

The Glen Oaks Homeowners Association salutes all Veterans! Without their service this would not be a free county.

1. Mr. Bobby Bailey served in the Army from 1968 -1970.
2. Mr. James Betterson
3. Mr. Eli Davis served in the Army. Retired as a Master Sergeant. (deceased)
4 .Mr. Dexter Fuller
5. Mr. James A. Gray served in the Army from 1966-1968.
6. Mr. Hiram Harrison served in the Army from 1966-1968.
7. Mr. Thomas Hunter served in the Army from 1960-1962
8. Mr. Dexter Neal served in the Army from 1958-1963. Re-enlisted till 1965.
9. Mr. Frank Romero served in the Air Force 1951-1955. He served 16 years in the Naval Reserve.
10. Mr. Davis Sanders served in Air Force from 1945-1949.
11. Eld. Freddie D. Sheppard served in the Army from 1970-1972.
12. Mr. John Wilson served in Army from 1968-1969.
13. Mr. Dura Wilson served in the Air Force eleven (11) years.

African-American History Roll Call

During the February 6, 2018 Glen Oaks Homeowners Association (GOHA) meeting the membership collected the names of any residents who wished to share their stories and contributions toward the African-American history of Glen Oaks.

Ms. Carolyn King Arnold 

DISD Educator, Dallas City Council Board Member for District 4 (June 2015-2017) and community organizer. As a radio talk show host on Heaven 97 KHVN Community First, she can be heard the 1st Saturday of every Month.

Mr. Arthello Beck  

The late husband of Ms. Mae Beck, he was a Dallas artist best known for his paintings dealing with the Civil Rights Movement.

Ms. Barbara Braeshear

DISD Educator

Jimmie Tyler Braeshear 

Honored by her daughter, Barbara Carter.

Mr. Tim Brown 

NFL Hall of Fame 2015. Mr. Brown tie into out neighborhood is his aunt, who worked at the Mark Twain Elementary School in Glen Oaks.

Mr. Dozier Carter

A lawyer for over 40 years, he is also noted as the first Administrator for Dallas (sic).

Mr. George Clark 

The first African-American to be licensed as a Master Plumber in the state of Texas. He is GOHA’s oldest member at 93 years old, and is still attended meetings.

Mr. Eli Davis

Democratic Election Judge, precinct 3054 for over 40 years. Under his leadership, this precinct had some of the highest voter participation in Dallas. Mr. Davis has also served as the Glen Oaks Homeowners Association (GOHA) president for 15 years. He has been married for 67 years.

Mr. Tommy Duncan 

DISD Educator, Skyline High School 

Mr. Christopher Edwards 

Sells chicken salad on the go.

Mr. Kevin Finley 

Owner of Beckley Medical Supply on S. Beckley Ave.

Mr. Chester Green 

Owner “Mr. C’s Catfish Restaurant” on Lancaster Rd.  This restaurant held a “Best Catfish” award for 10 years.

Mr. George Keaton

AA Bus Tours. He covers North Dallas & other points of interest. He has also published related calendars & cookbooks.

Mrs. Cleal Neal  

The first black female dental technician to work at the Veterans Administration, North Texas Healthcare Systems Central Dental lab from1967 to 2002. 

Mrs. Annie Nelson 

DISD Educator for 39 yrs. She was among the 1st Black teachers to teach at David W. Carter High School in 1977.  Mrs. Nelson was the first PTA President for Mark Twain Elementary School, and the first Crime Watch captain for GOHA.

Ms. Barbara Record  

Owner of "Records BBQ" on Lancaster Rd. Her late husband, Albert Records was known as “The Godfather of BBQ”.

Mr. Sherman Roberts 

A noted developer in the Lancaster Corridor who’s projects include Rudy’s Chicken, as well as women’s housing and apartment initiatives.

Ms. Olivia Robinson 

DISD Educator 

Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Sheppard

Owners of “Freddie’s Fast Food Restaurant & Dry Cleaners” located at the corner of Polk & Wheatland Rd for 10 years.  In April 2018, they will have been married for 48 years. Mr. Sheppard ,also known to customers as “Mr. Freddie” and the “Nacho King”, has also been a Training Supervisor with DART for 28 years. Their daughter’s first teaching job was here in Glen Oaks at Mark Twain Elementary.

Mr. Bobby Slade

Formerly the principal at Skyline High School, he was the first African-American to serve on the DISD Solicitation Fund Board (5 years), rising to the position of chairman.

Mr. Chester Thomas


Mr. & Mrs. Al and Theresa Wash

Owners of the acclaimed TeCo Theater in Oak Cliff. They are also one of the promoters of the Prairie View A&M Game held each year in Dallas. Mrs. Wash has provided one million dollars of her own money to start this business.

History of Glen Oaks Neighborhood

Glen Oaks is one of Oak Cliff’s richest hidden treasures. Claton Wyman developed Glen Oaks over a 15-year period from 1952-1967 on the site of the historic Frank Holland Farm. It is important to outline an understanding of this great and noteworthy community. While the city of Dallas’s population doubles between now and 2030, the combination of idyllic natural beauty and quality workmanship of homes found in Glen Oaks will undoubtedly be recognized by many new home buyers moving to Dallas from all parts of the country. There is “only so much” of this appealing combination of natural beauty and quality available within the confines of the City Limits of Dallas. Many people moving to Dallas when they are ready to buy, still want trees, hills and greenery that looks like where they came from. 

Glen Oaks is a Dallas treasure because it is a well-appointed naturally cloistered community that is just seven miles south of Downtown and the new Trinity River Esplanade Sports-Entertainment Showcase, two miles from the new University of North Texas at Dallas Campus and is convenient to all areas of Dallas.

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If you would like to know more about the Oak Cliff neighborhoods, please visit the  Heritage Oak Cliff  (formerly Old Oak Cliff Conservation League.)

If you would like to know more about the Oak Cliff neighborhoods, please visit the Heritage Oak Cliff (formerly Old Oak Cliff Conservation League.)